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Welcome to Milestone Advocaten. We specialise in employment, corporate and accountancy law. And we can assist and advise you on mediation matters. Our lawyers are specialists in one or more of these fields and our expertise is the result of years of experience.

We stand for personal service with clear advice and a practical approach. Using our extensive and up-to-date knowledge, we make a detailed analysis before we start. We then work with you to determine the best and most efficient strategy.

We strongly believe in the power of cooperation and knowledge sharing. That is why we work closely with service providers in other fields, such as civil-law notaries, tax and corporate finance advisors and accountants throughout the country. Milestone Advocaten is also often involved in international issues. We are a member of Warwick Legal Network (WLN), an international network of independent law firms in 29 countries providing high-quality legal services.

Milestone Advocaten is centrally located with offices in the middle of the country, in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

Would you like to get to know Milestone? Then don’t hesitate. Call us, or fill in our contact form and we will contact you!

Practice areas


Our employment team offers full support in all aspects of Dutch employment law. A virtually unique element is our individual and personal involvement. Our extensive knowledge and experience powers our  goal-driven advice. Clients compliment us for our good value for money and because we do what we promise: providing a practical and efficient approach while keeping the desired result clearly in view. You may wish to take a look at our references page to see the feedback given by our clients.

Please contact one of our partners in employment law if you wish to receive more information: Caroline van der Zwet | Dorianne Broekman | Brigit van de Ven-Meier | Frouke Vlaskamp

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The corporate law team of Milestone Advocaten assist companies with all legal aspects of the business. From our experience we know the issues which companies face. Our advice is pragmatic and business oriented. We can relieve you of a considerable burden and think in solutions, whether it concerns extensive contracts with customers or suppliers, any form of cooperation, takeovers or (impending) disputes.

Please contact one of our partners in corporate & commercial law if you wish to receive more information: Marc Kelder | Frits Haas
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The most important part of this area of law is accountancy disciplinary law. We can help you avoid them, but if necessary can conduct proceedings at the Accountancy Division and the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal. This area of law includes: the Code of Professional Conduct, Accounting and Auditing Standards, directives and practical guidelines as well as forensic accountancy, liability of accountants and other legislation. We have access to a network of recognized specialists with whom we consult, when necessary, on specific accounting and audit techniques or issues.

Please contact our partner in accountants law if you wish to receive more information: Marc Kelder

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Mediation is often an effective and rapid method to reach a satisfactory solution for all parties involved without the substantial costs, time and stress of a court procedure. Both parties jointly reach a successful solution instead of recourse to a court hearing with only one winner. Milestone can assist in obviating potential employment conflict situations. Mediation is always strictly confidential. This means that the contents of the mediation can not be used against the other party in litigation, in the unlikely event that no solution is reached. During a mediation all interests of the parties can be brought forward and taken into account. Consequently also non-legal aspects can become part of the solution.

Caroline van der Zwet is a very experienced mediator and registered as such with the MfN (Mediation Federation Netherlands). She can be readily contacted for more information on this aspect. She is also a board member of the NVVMA (Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers).

The main working areas of Caroline as a mediator are:
- conflicts between employers and employees
- conflicts between directors themselves or with shareholders
- conflicts between companies and the works council

Her clients appreciate her practical, solution oriented and rapid approach. Her success rate is high.

telephone : +31 (0)30 744 04 72
cellphone : +31 (0)6 295 971 64
fax : +31 (0)30 744 04 71
mail : vanderzwet@milestoneadvocaten.com
skype : c.h.van.der.zwet
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We combine our deeply embedded knowledge of Dutch law with our professional experience. This enables us to quickly come to the point and to provide pragmatic and practical advice to our clients. We have a long-term relationship with our clients because we are very committed, efficient and results-oriented.


Clients are informed in advance of the hourly rate and if desired we can give an indication of the anticipated time for the case. Depending on the case, we may also agree on a pre-determined fixed price.


Our general terms and conditions are applicable to all assignments carried out by Milestone Advocaten. You can download the terms here.


Milestone Advocaten endeavours to provide high quality service. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided, or the amount of a fee statement, we kindly request you notify us of your complaint. We will handle your complaint within a reasonable period of time in accordance with our complaints procedure, which you can download here.



We have been working with Milestone Advocaten for many years and mainly contact them with respect to employment issues (works council issues, the reorganisation of our Customer Contact Center etc.). We experience the cooperation as very cordial. We appreciate their practical approach, their proactive thinking and their knowledge of our organisation. They are quite often able to help us with a few simple tips. We are very pleased with their quick advice, especially when we have questions on the spot.

Helen Stolwijk

Manager Human Resources CTS Eventim Nederland B.V.


Since 2012 Saltro has regularly relied on Milestone Advocaten. We find the cooperation with Milestone very pleasant, proactive and personal. We appreciate their high level of expertise. The lawyers of Milestone consider a case not only as a commercial assignment but they think strategically and reach a good outcome for all parties involved.

Esther Talboom / Monique Franse

CEO / HR director Saltro


Ceva has been working with Milestone for several years now. Their legal expertise combined with a practical approach is of great value to us. The lawyers of Milestone have a good understanding of our organisation and are involved in relevant developments within our business so that they are always able to effectively advise us with respect to employment law issues.

Ralf de Wit

Director HR Benelux Ceva Logistics


We have been working with Milestone Advocaten for many years now. The lawyers always quickly provide us with good advice, whether it`s employment law, pension law, employee participation law or corporate law issues. They are easy to approach, pragmatic and they think in solutions. It is pleasant to work with them and our relationship is based on mutual trust. Moreover, the lawyers of Milestone operate efficiently and in a cost-conscious manner.

Tom Oostrom

Director Nierstichting


I like to work with Milestone Advocaten because of their broad experience and high level of expertise. They work quickly and carefully and always give us clear and practical advice.

Robert Knoester

Vice President Global Human Resources Genmab


We appreciate the co-operation with Milestone Advocaten. It is our experience that they provide us with clear and practical advice and if necessary also on short notice. Moreover, they are very competent in their field of expertise and are able to explain complex issues in plain words. They are always available.

Marc Gauw

Director Stichting NLnet


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3581 CP Utrecht
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