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Dorianne is highly experienced in employment and employee representation as well as litigation. She has established an extensive and excellent track record with (collective) dismissals, reorganisation and restructuring, employment conflicts, termination agreement, collective agreements and compensation and benefits. She has expert knowledge with all aspects of employment law.
Dorianne operates regularly at the interface of employment law and corporate law in cases relating mergers and acquisitions (including transfer of undertaking and outsourcing).
Her clients can expect a sound and an efficient approach as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family awakened Dorianne’s interest for employment law. After graduation a the Utrecht University Dorianne followed an one-year fulltime postgraduate program in business law. This program was completed with a six month internship at law firms in Atlanta (USA) and London (UK).

After 11 years working as an attorney for a large international law firm Dorianne has worked as an interim-counsel for various large corporates, including Shell, Lucent Technologies and Holland Casino.
Since 2004 she has her own successful law practice.

Dorianne acts for (international) companies and organisations, senior management and executives and expats.




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