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Marc is an all-rounder in the areas of corporate, national and international commercial law. Corporate law and commercial law are explained in more detail elsewhere on this website. Advising, litigating and ‘merging’ are just some of Marc’s professional services.

He specialises in the liability of accountants and other professionals and in disciplinary law for accountants. He is well versed in conducting proceedings at the Accountancy Division in Zwolle and at the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal. He is often able to prevent legal action by entering into discussions with the potential complainant at an early stage. Marc assists not only accountants but also advises the clients of accountants on their relationship with their accountant. He has litigated not only in accountancy cases for SMEs but also in the most high-profile audit cases in this field.

Knowledge of the accountancy profession is useful in other areas of law. When negotiating a merger or in proceedings, it is always good to know whether the valuation or audit report complies with the extensive legislation governing accountants.

Marc excels in crisis situations. He analyses the legal position and studies the business aspects of the matter in question and then presents the legal and other possible solutions to the client. Together they decide on the best option. The strategy will then be determined, jointly if necessary, irrespective of whether this is a merger or a dispute. Sometimes this must be done expeditiously and 24/7.

Marc works with other disciplines if their know-how and expertise is required.

Marc has given many courses and presentations. He also lectured on Dutch Civil Procedure Law at the Professional Training Course given by the Netherlands Bar Association for ten years.

Marc is a member of the Dutch Association for Corporate Litigation, the Dutch Association for Corporate Finance, and the Dutch Association for Procedural Law.

Since 1995 he has worked at Van der Steenhoven Advocaten, Baker & McKenzie and Van Diepen van der Kroef. In 2013 Marc fulfilled one of his long-held aspirations and set up office with Monique and others. Their office went on to merge with Milestone Advocaten in 2014.


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